Old Holbeck – scenes from the past

Old Holbeck – scenes from the past

Some fantastic photos from Holbeck residents!  If you would like to submit photos please send us a message via the contact page.

The first set below are from Angie Tough who grew up in Holbeck.  Angie says “My mum’s family lived in the Sweet Street area from 1915 & then moved to Holbeck Towers in the 1960’s. My dad’s family lived & worked in Holbeck from the early 1800’s.”

Below: “My aunt in the May Procession at St Francis RC Church, Manor Road Holbeck in 1938.”

photos of old Holbeck Leeds, old photos of Leeds, life in Holbeck

Above, from Angie’s family collection:
2 Me with my mum & granddad outside Holbeck Working Men’s Club 1961.  3 Me on Holbeck Moor in 1960.  4 Me & a friend in my street, Normanton Place, in 1959.
6 My Great Gran outside her house in Derwent Avenue in 1951 5 my mum outside the same house in the late 1940’s
Next up we have photos from Beeston resident, Mark Douglas.
Below: St Lukes School 1898

St Lukes Holbeck old photos, history of St Lukes Holbeck, south bank Leeds old photos

Above: Church trip for Whitsuntide from St Lukes Church, Holbeck in 1938.  We think the reference to Pool may be Pool in Wharfedale, a village on the way to Otley.

Below: The old St Luke’s School at Beeston Hill (the school moved to Beeston Hill from its original site opposite the church in Holbeck)

old photos of Holbeck and Beeston Hill, Beeston Hill old photos Leeds

Above: Ernest Brown, St Lukes School around 1990 – art class at St Lukes 20th century

Thanks to Clifford Stead of Leeds Civic Trust for the next 3 photos.  Check out their website for lots more information about Leeds.

Below: Granary Wharf in 1990 before the new apartments there were built.

Above: 1  Tower Works taken from Globe Road in 1990 – 2 view from the Round Foundry in 2001 before the site was redeveloped

Thank you all for your photos!  Please note these images are used with permission and must not be taken for use elsewhere.

Holbeck and Leeds South Bank now … scenes from 2012 and 2013

Holbeck and Leeds South Bank now … scenes from 2012 and 2013

Images of Holbeck,Leeds, taken from 2012 to 2013

Holbeck Leeds 2012, scenes of Holbeck, Bridgewater Place

This well known image of Bridgewater Place is called “Sunset Dalek.”

Below is the evening view from a private apartment at Roberts Wharf. Looking towards Royal Armouries and Leeds Dock.

Leeds dock, Candle house Leeds, views of Leeds, Roberts Wharf

Above: Clarence Dock aka Leeds Dock
Below: Images taken from a river boat trip.

Leeds river boat trip photos, urban dereliction seen from river Aire Leeds, Leeds regeneration area south bank

Copyright images by Lovin Leeds. 

Please contact Lovin Leeds for any image usage requests.

Holbeck now – scenes from 2016 to 2018

These images were taken in January 2018 and feature the area around St Matthews Church/ community centre. Commissioned by Holbeck Elderly Aid, a local charity focussed on improving the lives of the elderly in Holbeck.


Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire, Leeds south bank

The images below mainly feature the former industrial areas of Holbeck.  Taken in 2016.

Holbeck managed approach images, photos of industrial Holbeck

Image credit Ollievision Photography – all images are copyright and used with permission.

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